‘Teen Mom’ Ryan Edwards and Dalis Connell Working Things Out?

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While Jenelle Evans may have a large fan base, she spent the last few months confusing them all by jumping in and out of relationships. Now that she is happily engaged to Gary Head, it looks like a new Teen Mom couple is filling in and confusing the heck out of their fans.

After breaking up last week, Ryan Edwards and Dalis Connell quickly reconciled and all seemed to be going well until Dalis reportedly caught Ryan cheating in the early morning hours on Monday. News of the break-up spread fast and the tweets disappeared almost as quickly as they were typed. Now, it looks like the reason for the quick retraction is that the two are back together, or at least spending time together as Ryan tweeted.

While there has been no official announcement as to what is going on between the two, fans are certainly wondering. The last season of the original Teen Mom has not even aired yet and, already, fans are excited to meet Dalis. She is a sweet southern girl (not to mention a fitness model) who looks like she has a bright future ahead of her, no matter what happens with her and Ryan.

What do you think? Should Ryan and Dalis try to work things out?

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