‘Teen Mom’ Salary Revealed!

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The girls of Teen Mom are often berated for spending money on what some feel are “frivolous” things. Many people believe these girls make anywhere between thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars an episode. Also, it doesn’t help that MTV has never revealed their salaries. However, someone close to Jenelle Evans is coming forward to reveal just how much she makes per season and the alleged amount may surprise some people!

James Duffy recently spoke to Celeb Dirty Laundry and claims that she makes $85,000 a year, but she isn’t the only one who gets paid! Reportedly, her mother makes only $20,000 less than Jenelle and even Kieffer got paid (but only $6,000.)

Of course, James and Jenelle aren’t exactly on good terms, so some may question whether or not he is telling the truth. However, it isn’t an absurd amount of money to believe. While it is certainly much more than Jenelle Evans would be making, it is much less than what many have assumed Jenelle, and the rest of the Teen Moms make.

He also claimed that the show isn’t exactly as real as many people believe, but very few people will argue that claim. It is obvious that a lot of the talks and events happen off camera and have to be reenacted so that viewers will be able to see them.

What do you think about the claims made by James Duffy? Do you think Jenelle really makes $85,000 a year?

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