‘Teen Mom’ Shows New Beginnings for the Girls

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The final season of Teen Mom is in full swing, and big things happened in the third episode of the season!

Catelynn and Tyler

The couple is finally ready to graduate high school, and it is actually hard to believe that they are so young because they act so mature. Catelynn’s dad and brother are able to come in for the commencement ceremony, but Tyler’s dad (who is in jail) will miss the event by one day. Catelynn and her mom share a sweet moment where her mom tells Catelynn she is proud of her. Catelynn and Tyler also talk about their future, including marriage (fans already know that the pair will be tying the knot next summer).


The previews continue to make Maci’s situation look more dramatic than it is. In a rather strange move, Maci decides she would like to go on vacation with Ryan and his family during their time with Bentley. To make the situation even more awkward, Maci learns that Ryan is seeing a new girl and that (surprise!) she will be going on vacation as well! After talking to Ryan’s parents (who oddly are on board with it), Maci tells her friends about her plans and how Dalis “doesn’t stand a chance.” Of course, this scene appeared to be more dramatic, but after seeing how attached to Maci Ryan’s parents seem to be, it makes sense why Maci would say that.


Going through the most drama of all the Teen Moms, Amber is still in rehab but learns that Gary (and Leah) will be visiting her there. She calls her brother, Shawn (who is outspoken against the show), and he tells her that she needs to get out of Dodge (well, this case Anderson, Indiana) and away from Gary in order to turn her life around.


Farrah and Sophia make it to Florida with some help from her dad, Michael. He is hesitant to leave because he is worried for Sophia. In the end, he heads back to Iowa, leaving Farrah to interview some nannies. She continues to get frustrated with her parents who do not feel she is doing enough for her daughter. Farrah decides to get Sophia a pet, but goes against Sophia’s desires of wanting a fish and gets a puppy instead.

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