“Teen Mom” Star Amber Portwood Charged with Felonies

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MTV’s Amber Portwood star of “Teen Mom” has been charged with felony domestic abuse for beating her boyfriend in front of their 1-year-old baby. She slapped, punched, and choked her boyfriend on the reality TV show. Two of the charges are felonies because the baby witnessed the violence.

Gary Shirley is the 24-year-old boyfriend of Amber Portwood, who is 20. That was not the only incident were Ms. Portwood hit Shirley. She hit him in June and July. If convicted, Portwood could receive 3 months in jail and be fined $10000.

Let this be a lesson to people who like to be on reality shows. Your life is in front of cameras, and anyone with a temper like Portwood cannot afford her life to be on camera. Indeed, many of us are under a lot more scrutiny today than years ago, so everyone should take heed of what happened to Portwood.

Shirley should be commended on how much restraint he showed. He never tried to defend himself or protect himself. Portwood on the other hand showed no restraint and deserves the law to crack down on her.

Honestly, the law has little choice but to punish Amber Portwood harshly, as the world witnessed her attack on Shirley.


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