‘Teen Mom’ Star Calls Off Engagement!

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Deciding to get married is a big decision. There are even some adults who are afraid of the committment that tying-the-knot brings, so it shouldn’t be a big shock that teens can get just as scared!

The girls of the Teen Mom franchise allow cameras to capture their everyday lives, showing girls how hard it is to be a young mother. However, viewers also catch a glimpse at how the birth of a new child can impact the relationship. Some of the girls try to work it out with their significant others, but unfortunately, it seldom works out.

Fans met Mackenzie Douthit on 16 & Pregnant. She ended up pregnant at a young age, but she and her boyfriend worked it out for Gannon. The two even got engaged to show their committment. However, things are different now and the two have called off their engagement!

Mackenzie broke the news on her Twitter page saying, “Yes josh is just my boyfriend. We got rid of the ring for it had too many bad memories. Starting over and doing things right.”

Phew! At least this couple is still together! There is no doubt that they were a great couple and, even with the added stress of being parents, they have been able to make it work. So what if they aren’t officially engaged? That doesn’t mean that they won’t get married later in life.

Mackenzie Douthit and her family will appear on Teen Mom 3 and, although MTV has not confirmed an airdate, will likely hit airwaves in 2013 after the new season of TM2 premieres. It is likely that fans will get to see why exactly the couple decided to call off the engagement on a future episode of the show.

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