‘Teen Mom’ Star Farrah Abraham Released Music Video, Is She Tone Deaf?

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Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has released her first music video for “Own My Own.” While the lyrics are very odd, the video is horrible! Maybe she was going for artistic and failed. This video leaves fans asking, is she tone-deaf? Things uploaded on the internet can haunt you later in life, and it’s safe to say this video will haunt her. Delete it now Farrah!

The video shows sweet little Sophia Abraham running down a sidewalk and being pushed on the swings. There are also two shots of mom and daughter holding hands. While this sounds sweet, the footage is choppy, purposely disorienting, and makes viewers dizzy (and not in a good way). The video also pans over to the grave and headstone of Sophia’s dad.

Farrah’s voice sounds like a robot and like the footage, is choppy. It didn’t even appear that she was trying to sing. She is basically talking in odd rhythms with horrid editing. Someone make it stop! Too Fab says, “And while the lyrics are hard to understand, the video is even weirder.” It doesn’t seem like anyone has anything nice to say.

Fan comments on YouTube include, “I heard they use this song to interrogate terrorists,” and “This song makes Rebecca Black sound like Adele by comparison.” At the end of the video, it has information so fans can go purchase the song. It will be interesting to see if anyone actually buys this garbage. As a Teen Mom fan, and a HUGE fan of Farrah Abraham, this is very disappointing.

What do you think of the video? Will you buy a copy? Is it really as bad as this article suggests?

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