‘Teen Mom’ Star Involved in Nude Photo Scandal

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Another day, another scandal involving one of the girls from Teen Mom. Whether it be Catelynn Lowell’s mother telling the tabloids her daughter was pregnant, or Maci Bookout’s underage drinking, there is always something that the reality show girls are trying to debunk. However, the new scandal is said to involve one of the girls from the second installment of the show and is actually something that a few of the girls have fallen victim to: nude photos.

Two girls from 16 & Pregnant tweeted about the news with Nikkole Paulun saying, “BREAKING NEWS!! — Another TeenMom2 star has been CAUGHT in a NUDE PHOTO scandal!! Who would do this to the poor girl!?” Ashley Salazar also tweeted the news, but neither girl divulged details as to who was facing the scandal.

So, who could have let some nude photos leak? Most of the girls from Teen Mom 2 are pretty mature and after seeing what Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans both went through with nude photos being released, it is hard to believe that another girl would allow the same thing to happen.

Leah Messer is happily married and it is unlikely that anyone would be releasing pictures of her. A few months back, she came under a lot of heat when the episode where she confessed to her now ex-husband, Corey Simms, that she cheated aired. Had anyone had such pictures, it is likely they would have been released then.

Kailyn Lowry has been busy getting her body in shape, but she has only let some bikini photos of her hot new bod be posted online. Like Leah, it is likely if someone had these photos they would have been released before.

Chelsea Houska leads one of the most drama-free lifestyles out of all the girls on Teen Mom, but she isn’t shy about partying (although she keeps it quiet, unlike some of the other girls.) There is always a slim possibility that the photos could be of her and there was the rumor that she wanted to pose for Playboy, but it still seems so un-Chelsea like.

Then, there is Jenelle Evans, who is no stranger to this kind of thing. Not long ago, Kieffer Delp sold pictures of Jenelle showing her nude both before and after her breast enhancement surgery. If there are more nude pictures of a TM floating around out there, it seems that it is likely they would be of Jenelle since it has happened before. In fact, a few photos were rumored to be on Twitter last night, showing her nude, but they did not show a face and were quickly deleted.

Of course, this is reality television and crazier things have happened. Hopefully the photos won’t leak and whoever is pictured in them won’t have to face the backlash.

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