‘Teen Mom’ Star Tyler Baliterra Upset over Catelynn Lowell’s Bong Photo

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Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra now only showed fans how hard it is to give your child up for adoption, but they also gave fans a look at their tumultuous upbringing.

It is no secret that both had a rough childhood, each growing up around addiction. Despite their childhoods, each vowed to do better in their lives and have done a great job. However, fans were shocked last month when a photo showing Catelynn smoking out of a bong surfaced. The Teen Mom has not yet commented on the matter but is reported to feel betrayed by the friend who snapped the photo at a party. Now, another tabloid claims to know Tyler Baltierra’s feelings on the issue.

The latest issue of Ok! Magazine spoke to a source who claims that Tyler was “disappointed” in Cate, the source saying, “Both of their lives have been messed up because of their parents’ drug use. They had a huge fight.”

Even though this is coming from a source, that doesn’t mean there is any truth to it. It is easy to believe, though, considering how upset Tyler was when he felt that Catelynn didn’t have much ambition in regard to furthering her education. Still, if Catelynn Lowell were at a party, wouldn’t Tyler Baltierra have been with her?

There is no doubt that the photo exists, but until either of the Teen Mom stars speak directly to their fans about it, it is hard to say what either truly think.

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