‘Teen Mom’ Stars Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans Blast Kim Kardashian

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Teen Mom stars Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans aren’t happy with Kim Kardashian and her statements about their show. After Kim commented that teen pregnancy is a troubling issue and shouldn’t be trendy, the teen moms are pushing back.


Kim KardashianKim Kardashian took to her blog to comment about a Memphis High School that counted 90 students who were pregnant or had given birth within a year. Kim said, “It seems that shows like Teen Mom are all of a sudden making teen pregnancy seem cool in the eyes of young girls. The kids from these shows are all over the news, even on the covers of magazines, and have been become almost like celebrities, but girls, these are not people you should idolize!”

Harsh words from someone who is famous for practically nothing, right? Well Amber and Janelle thought so. Amber said to E! News, “Last time I checked, Kim Kardashian had a sex tape floating around on the internet and I’m pretty sure she made a lot of money off of it. She made a sex tape when she was younger and she wants to bash the girls on Teen Mom?” She went on to say, “We may be ‘celebrities’ because our face is out there, but it’s only because we’ve done some bad things. That’s not glamorous.”

Jenelle didnÂ’t have quite as much to say. Her comment was, “I want to say, s–t happens.”

So whoÂ’s right? If Kim thinks the show glamorizes teen pregnancy, she probably hasnÂ’t watched an episode. These girlsÂ’ lives are a mess. One is losing custody of her baby (Jenelle), another is charged with domestic violence (Amber) and the rest are struggling to pay bills, find child care and go to school all while trying to figure out how to grow up and take care of a baby. The fathers of the babies rarely stick around and they grunt and groan when they are around. The girls often seem like they feel they are losing their identities and struggle day-to-day to find a new sense of normalcy. ItÂ’s not glamorous.

The problem in Memphis lies in Memphis, not on MTV. The parents there need to sit and chat with their kids about using protection and not having babies before they are ready. On numerous episodes of the MTV show 16 and Pregnant, the girls say their parents wouldn’t let them have birth control because they don’t want them having sex!  How irresponsible!  Wake up moms and dads!  Your kids will have sex whether you want them to or not, the most you can do is make sure they are being safe.

Teen pregnancy rates are on the rise, but is it fair to blame a television show? What do you think? Share your thoughts below!

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