‘Teen Mom’ Star’s Violent Rampage Could Cause Her To Lose Child (Video)

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Amber Portwood, one of the stars of the reality TV show ‘Teen Mom’, has now found herself in hot water because of a violent fight she had with her ex-fiance while her daughter, Leah, stood at their feet.

The 20 year old mother had spent a tiring day of having Leah act up (because what two year old isn’t the perfect little angel when their mother yells at them to be so?) and was already cranky when her fiance arrived home. At that point, Portwood was already mad and proceeded to blame her daughter’s misbehavior on her fiance because, according to her, Leah never acted up like that when she stayed home with her. The fight then escalated to an all-out shouting fest on Amber’s behalf, riddled with swear words as every other word. Then she told her fiance, Gary Shirley, to get his things and get out and then threw a fit because he took the TV, which he owned, among other things. As little Leah, about 18 months old, screamed because she wanted her Daddy back home, Amber kept blaming Shirley, saying it was his fault, and that Daddy was leaving them. Yeah, because that’s the kind of environment you want to raise your child in, right?

As if that wasn’t enough, the latest episode to really spark controversy was the one that followed that fight, where Portwood is recorded hitting Shirley seven or eight times while Shirley makes no attempt to defend himself or stop her.

Following the airing of this episode, Officer Mitch Carroll had this to say: “Based on that there was a case drafted and a detective was assigned. The Department of Child Protective Services in Indiana notified us that they had been aware of the incident as well.”

There is very little doubt about whether or not there’s domestic abuse. In fact, speaking as a person who has seen many cases of various sorts of abuse, Shirley is obviously being verbally and physically abused, but stays in the relationship, as revealed by a previous episode, because he wants to do what’s best for Leah and fulfill his responsibilities as a parent. Unfortunately, that is the dumbest excuse ever to stay in an abusive relationship. No good comes out of a child growing up in that environment.

Not only is Portwood faced with domestic abuse charges, but there is also question about whether or not she is fit to raise her 18 month old daughter. Indeed, it is a question many viewers have asked watching the show. In a previous episode (likely more than one), Portwood can be found hollering at her daughter numerous times for crying and getting mad because she wouldn’t stop crying. Yes, because that’s how you deal with an upset child, is by yelling at her.

Haven’t seen the latest episode that sparked the allegations of domestic abuse? You can see it below:

Do you think Amber deserves to lose custody of her daughter? What do you think about the possible charges of domestic violence?

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