‘Teen Mom’ Temper Tantrums Recap

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The new episode of Teen Mom dealt with temper tantrums, but not just from the kids! Here is a look at what happened!

Maci Bookout

Maci decides to look into preschool for Bentley and she and Kyle take him. Bentley isn’t thrilled at first, but is soon interacting with other children. Ryan (and Dalis, who MTV needs to show more of. She seems like a sweet girl) pick up Bentley and Maci talks to him about daycare. Maci explains how beneficial it would be for Bentley because he could even learn Spanish, but Ryan doesn’t think learning a foreign language would be beneficial since, you know, they don’t live in a foreign country. No word on what Ryan’s final decision on daycare is, but Maci and Kyle decide that it will be good for him and enroll him.

Farrah Abraham

Farrah’s sister comes to visit, as does her mom, but no one (except maybe Sophia) is thrilled about Grandma’s visit. Farrah and her sister run some errands and, when they come home, there is nail polish everywhere (even on the dog!) Debra then reveals that she fell asleep while watching Sophia. She tries to use the “I’ve been up for 24 hours” defense, but, like Farrah points out, if she didn’t feel that she would be able to watch Sophia, she shouldn’t have. Then, comes the explosive fight that was leaked before Teen Mom aired. Basically, Ashley and Farrrah blame their mother for their “screwed up lives” and Debra says something cold to Farrah, reminding her of Derek’s death. Ashley and Farrah vow to have a good time for the remainder of the visit and go out for a girls night while Debra watches Sophia.

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra

Butch is out of jail and staying with them, that is, until the trailer park where they live tell them that, due to his criminal record he has to go. While Tyler acknowledges that it is his dad’s fault that he is in this situation, he also admits that he worries about his dad. In fact, after his dad moves out, the two do dinner, so that Tyler’s mind can be put to ease. Butch seems to be doing okay, but Tyler says he liked it better when Butch lived with him. Of course, now that Butch is gone, Catelynn’s mom April is able to come over whenever (due to a no contact order in place, she and Butch are not allowed around each other.)

Amber Portwood

Amber misses Gary and Leah and decides she wants to go home. She has been in rehab for thirty days and, while she feels that she is better, a psychologist points out that she hasn’t made much progress in regards to her anger issues. Apparently, she got into a bit of a fight with another patient. Amber then undergoes hypnosis and, through this, she reveals verbal abuse from her father. She learns that, because of the childhood pain, she is constantly (subconsciously) seeking out pain.

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