‘Teen Mom’ Thinks Kim Kardashian and Kanye’s Relationship Is for Money!

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are one of the hottest Hollywood couples right now. A lot of people suggest that this is all an act, but they have a lot of people fooled. However, one Teen Mom isn’t buying it!

Kim Kardashian 2012On Monday, a follower asked people think of the new relationship and Kailyn Lowry replied, “They just want press. $$$.”

That seems like a pretty bold statement, but as a reality show star herself, Kailyn has seen the things that people will do for some extra attention. Of course, Kim Kardashian is no stranger to doing crazy things just to raise a few eyebrows and a lot of people think the Kanye West relationship is one of them.

Interestingly, the Teen Mom isn’t the only one who isn’t buying the relationship, but neither is Kim’s sister, Khloe! She recently revealed that she doesn’t think it is “that serious.”

What do you think? Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West doing this for love or money?

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