‘Teen Mom’ Wedding: Mackenzie Douthit Getting Married!

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Tuesday night, fans had the opportunity to catch up with the girls from season four of 16 & Pregnant. While all the girls have come along way since their episodes aired, Mackenzie Douthit made some shocking revelations on the reunion.

Some may recall from her episode that she was not on birth control because she feared weight gain. Of course, she ended up gaining weight anyway because she got pregnant. On the reunion episode, she shocked fans by proclaiming that she still wasn’t using anything. Of course, the special was taped months ago and a lot has changed since then, including for Mackenzie!

After the special aired, Mackenzie tweeted, “Me and josh are NOT having sex,both have jobs, and I did get the iud to be safe for the future. And we will be getting married next summer.”

A lot of fans wondered why, if she is on birth control, she is also abstaining from sex. However, it was obvious on the reunion that Mackenzie’s mother was strongly against pre-marital sex. Perhaps Mackenzie is now making the decision to abstain based on the way her mother feels, which is understandable.

She also mentioned that the two will be walking down the aisle next summer and since Mackenzie Douthit is rumored to be on Teen Mom 3, it could be captured for the cameras. In fact, she may have accidentally confirmed that she is on the show when she tweeted about attending future reunions! When MTV catches up with the 16 & Pregnant girls, they typically do so in separate segments, not bringing the girls together, but everyone knows that the Teen Moms make a lot of trips to New York!

Fans will have to wait and see!

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