‘Teen Moms’ Deal with Relationships, New and Old

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Another episode of Teen Mom aired on Tuesday night, giving fans more insight to the girls’ relationships!

Farrah Abraham

It is no secret that Farrah has always been a little “high-strung,” but this episode certainly proved that she, the aspiring business woman, is unable to relax (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). She ends up going on a date with her neighbor, and while they initially have a good time, things end up kind of messy. Essentially, Farrah picks a fight with her date about “relaxing” and how she would rather work. Again, this simply shows that she has her priorities in order.

Maci Bookout

Having to share your child with a new woman is one of the hardest things for a mother, and Maci shows this all too well. Rather than let Bentley go on vacation alone with Ryan, his family, and his new girlfriend, the Teen Mom decides to tag along. However, the situation seems to backfire as Bentley actually gets along well with Dalis, much to Maci’s dismay. Last week, Ryan’s parents talked about getting a family photo with Maci, and they actually went for it. Dalis, however, opted not to be included in the picture. Perhaps seeing how uncomfortable things were, Maci tries to make amends by inviting Dalis and Ryan out to a club. Surprisingly, Dalis agrees, but Ryan does not.

Catelynn Lowell

Catelynn and Tyler end up taking in Tyler’s dad, Butch, who is released from prison. However, things don’t go nearly as well as they had hoped. After failing to come home, the pair decide to lock him out. It is obvious that this isn’t going to go as well.

Amber Portwood

It is absolutely heartbreaking to watch Amber talk about getting her life together. While that may not have worked out, she was able to see both Gary and their daughter, Leah, but not at the same time. Nevertheless, after seeing Leah, she and Gary do some therapy, but it turns out how most encounters the couple have together do—disastrous. After storming off during the talk, she is able to calm down and comes back, telling Gary that she would like to start over.

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