Teen pregnancy dangers: Are you watching?

Teen pregnancy is out of hand, and I was wondering what others think. My daughter is 17-years-old, and many of her friends are pregnant or have babies. There was an article I was reading that said the show, “Teen Moms” was partially to blame. I have to agree, and when these little babies are brought to school by the new moms, the teens grow jealous of all the attention.

One girl recently had a baby born dead. That had a sobering effect on the kids, but soon after another baby was born, and the teens went right on planning parties for the new babies and their moms.

Where are the baby daddies? No one seems to care. I think the problem is the television shows like “Teen Moms,” and the fact that so many parents are guilty of believing their own kids are too innocent to partake in sexual activity.

As a mother, grandmother and teacher of fourteen years, I can assure you that more than likely your teen is active. When does it start? I have personal experience that some teens become active as early as 12. It may be sooner, but I have spoken to teens who have told me some shocking things. They also don’t seem to realize the consequenses of their actions.

Please talk to your teen about sexually transmitted diseases, birth, death, and birth control. I know many parents who don’t have their children on birth control, and they think it is the same as condoning the behavior. However, even in the case of rape, it is one precaution we can take. Another is to turn off the television set, and know where your children are and whom they are with at all times.

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I am the mother of 3 grown children. I adopted my fourth. Then God gave me 7 grandchildren. I thought how wonderful can life be. Then, my youngest married daughter said, "Mom I'm pregnant. How wonderful is this? Grandbaby #8 turned out to be grandbabies

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