‘Teen Wolf’ Faces “Restraint” From Killing a Former Friend

In the most recent episode of Teen Wolf, Scott learns “Restraint” in battling former friend, Jackson — the Kanima. The episode begins with the sheriff warning Scott and Stiles they must stay away from Jackson, whose father has filed a restraining order.

The story takes a strange turn as a Kanima attacks a young couple alone in a trailer in the woods. But is the creäture Jackson?

When the husband goes out to check on the generator, his wife sees him talking to a stranger. Then she sees a reptilian tentacle drag him away. The next time she sees him, he’s thrown through the trailer window. Behind him is the Kanima. He attacks the pregnant woman as well.

Alpha wolf, Derek, and his pack continue seeking information about the creäture. Derek sends Erica to confirm who it is.

Meanwhile, Scott’s mother sends him to school to take a make-up exam. While he’s doing that, she goes through his things at home, to find out what’s bothering him. She finds a box of condoms with just one condom inside. So she heads off to school to talk to Allison’s mother.

At school, Stiles and Allison are keeping an eye on Jackson. When Stiles gets side tracked by Erica, Allison goes after him alone. She doesn’t see Jackson go into the science lab and take a live reptile into his mouth. Instead, she catches up to him in the boy’s locker room.

That’s where Jackson corners her, in the showers. His demeanor is threatening, which kicks off Scott’s wolf sense. The Teen Wolf quickly finishes his test and heads off to protect his girlfriend.

When Erica hears Stiles trying to pump information out of Lydia about Jackson’s parents, she offers some of her own. Jackson’s parents are buried in the local cemetery. Erica tells Stiles they died in a car crash on the date of June 14th. Stiles finds the date interesting given that Jackson’s birthday is June 15th.

Scott arrives at the showers and picks a fight with Jackson. The two teens throw one another around the locker room, destroying sinks, walls and ceilings along the way. When a teacher finds them fighting, he assigns all the teens to library detention, including Matt who arrives and gets himself involved in the fight.

While in detention, Jackson complains of a headache. He goes to the bathroom and watches as the snake he ingested earlier comes out through his eye.

After returning to the library, he starts seeing strange messages as book titles. One tells him to “close your eyes”. When he does, he reverts partly to reptilian form and writes the following words on the blackboard. “Stay out of my way or I’ll kill all of you.” Then he completes transformation and scurries away through the ceiling after poisoning Erica and Matt.

Matt needs hospitalization and Erica begin to seize. Allison agrees to go with Matt and tells Scott to take Erica back to Derek. He does that and watches as Derek breaks Erica’s arm to remove the Kaima poison. That’s when Scott finally agrees to join Derek’s pack to help him take Jackson down. However, he says they must do his way.

At home, Lydia searches for the flower given to her by a mysterious boy. When she can’t find it, she follows the path he took on to her property. There, she finds a beautiful house and goes inside. It’s empty but for the boy, who finally kisses her.

Suddenly, everything changes and she realizes the boy is really Peter, the creäture who tried to turn her into a wolf. He tells her he’s glad it didn’t work or kill her. However, he says it will allow her to do something important. Then the flower reappears inside Lydia’s cupped hands.

At the hospital, Derek’s mother tries to treat the crazed young mother whose husband got killed in the woods. She sedates her and leaves her to rest. However, that doesn’t last long. A hooded figure arrives in the room and kills her.

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