‘Teen Wolf’ Gets a Third Season With MTV

Fans of MTV’s Teen Wolf can sigh with relief. The show’s received notification of a third-year pickup. Better still, however, the show’s 12-episode arc is getting expanded. Next year, a full 24 episodes will air.

That’s great news for fans. The show once stood in the shadow of the highly touted Vampire Diaries. However, now it has finally broken out into the light and developed a cult following that rivals that of its competition. That’s because of its creative plotlines, crisp and exciting scripts, wonderful actors and amazing camera work. There’s little not to like about this little show, which offers a whole different spin on the age-old werewolf tale.

Young actors, Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Crystal Reed and Holland Roden join with slightly older, Tyler Hoechlin, and other veteran actors to offer must-see TV. The ensemble is impressive in its scope and talent.

Teen Wolf represents a first for the network. It’s the first time it’s renewed an original scripted series for a third year of primetime viewing. That’s amazing in its own right. Here’s hoping there’ll be many more!

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