‘Teen Wolf’ Meets the Omega: Recap of Part 1, Season 2

The first episode of Teen Wolf’s second season began where season one ended. Lydia’s in the hospital after being bitten by the original Alpha, which Derek later killed. Jackson emerges from the lake anxious to accept his gift (or curse). He glares at the moon with anticipation.

Meanwhile, Scott longs for Allison, who found out she comes from a long line of werewolf hunters. Her aunt Kate told her just before she died at the hands of the Alpha Derek replaced.

At the hospital, Lydia tries taking a shower, but a horrifying vision sends her running — naked. Stiles enlists Scott to help him find her. Allison joins them in the search.

The trio tracks Lydia to an old house in the woods. However, Scott gets caught in a trap set by Allison’s father. He warns the boy to stay away from his daughter or else.

Further searching does not turn up Lydia. So the kids abandon it momentarily.

Elsewhere, Kate’s grave is being dug by Isaac. He senses something in the air and sees a strange figure. All of a sudden, his digging machine is over turned, thrusting Isaac into the grave below. When he ventures a peak outside, he sees something unearthing a nearby grave.

As Isaac cowers in fear of being discovered, someone turns the machine right side up. It’s the new Alpha, Derek.

The sheriff shows up to question Isaac and his father. That’s when he learns the grave robber took a liver. He also notices Isaac’s black eye and suspects the teen’s father is beating him.

At school the next day, Scott and Stiles talk about how to find Allison. They try soliciting Jackson help too. However, he declines to look for the missing girl even after the LaCrosse coach offers an A to the one who helps find Lydia.

Later, Jackson gets payback when he begins oozing a black substance out of his nose and ears. He turns to Derek for answers when the Alpha appears, sensing his newly turned cub’s trouble. Derek tells Jackson he’s rejecting the gift.

Allison tells Scott she doesn’t want to go to Kate’s funeral. She knows “the others” will be there, referring to more wolf hunters. She’s afraid they’ll sense that she knows something or her hesitation to become one of them.

She’s right on both counts. At the funeral, a new man emerges. His name is Gerard. He introduces himself as her grandfather.

Scott remains close by to help calm Allison’s fears. Stiles also arrives but the two boys get caught by the sheriff. He’s about to arrest them when he gets a call that something stopped an ambulance and mutilated the patient inside.

Fearing it is Lydia, Stiles and Scott rush to the site. Scott sees something in the woods and takes off after it. Stiles remains behind and watches as Lydia emerges from the woods naked.

Scott corners his prey only to discover it isn’t Lydia. It’s a new wolf; one with whom he’s unfamiliar. As be begins to question him, Derek arrives and pulls him away.

The other wolf gets caught in a hunter’s trap. The hunters emerge. One of them is Gerard. He introduces his clan to an Omega wolf. It’s a wolf that’s been ostracized from his pack or who has chosen to go out on his own. Then he takes a sword and cuts the creƤture in half, declaring that they’ll kill every wolf they find. It’s war between the hunter and hunted.

Watch for the Part 2 synopsis of Teen Wolf. It’s coming shortly.

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