‘Teen Wolf': Recap of Part 2, Season 2

Part two of the Teen Wolf première started with Isaac having dinner with his father. When the teen admits he’s not doing well in school, his dad begins throwing things around. Isaac runs away on his bike.

His father follows, trapping his son in an alley. He gets out of car, when he sees a figure. However, it isn’t Isaac. Scared, he runs back to his car. The unseen creature pursues, tearing off his door and murdering him.

Elsewhere, Allison sneaks out of her house to meet Scott. Elsewhere, her mother and the other wolf hunters corner the school principal as he leaves to go home. They kill him so they can install one of their own in his old place.

Isaac seeks out Derek to tell him his father is dead. He insists he didn’t do it. Is he telling the truth?

The next day at school, Stiles talks about locking Scott up for the full moon. He opens his locker to show his friend the chains he’ll use. They come rattling out, getting everyone’s attention.

That’s when Scott gets a whiff of something. He tells Stiles there’s another wolf nearby. The duo come up with a plan for him to find out who it is. It works. Scott sites Isaac just before the sheriff and his men arrive to take the boy away.

Jackson corners Matt, wanting to rent a low light, slow motion camera to record his wolf transformation. Later he meets with the sheriff to confirm that Isaac’s dad was beating him. When asked why he didn’t report it, he merely replied “it’s none of my business.”

Stiles and Scott get themselves sent to the principal’s office so they can spy on what’s taking place. That’s when Scott learns that Allison’s grandfather is the new school principal, but he’s unable to gauge if the man knows his true identity.

Derek grabs Scott and tells him they need to go to Isaac’s house. When Scott questions why, Derek tells him because what’s hidden there is bad for the young teen. In Isaac’s basement, they find a metal box that has claw marks all over it. It’s obvious the kid got locked inside it regularly.

Although Scott refuses to join Derek’s pack, he tells the Alpha that Stiles and Allison can help him break Isaac out of jail. Allison waylays one of her father’s men. He’s dressed as a deputy and being sent to kill the boy. She slows him down by putting arrows into his car tires and one in his leg. Then she heads off to find Scott.

She finds the young wolf still in the basement as the moon rises. Scott convinces her to chain him inside of Isaac’s box. She does and then she remains behind to make sure he’s safe.

That’s when she sees another creäture inside the house. It isn’t a wolf. Allison fights it off as Scott breaks out of the box to save her. He arrives just as the reptilian creäture runs away.

Derek and Stiles arrive at the jail. Derek creates a diversion so Stiles can release the Teen Wolf. Unfortunately, the hunters’ man arrives with the wolf’s bane injection. The two fight, but it is Isaac who kills his enemy. Derek saves Stiles by getting his new cub to back away.

As the episode ends, Stiles is left in the room with the dead man. Will he be able to convince the police he didn’t commit the murder?

At his home, Jackson arises in the morning to see his recorded transformation. However, when he plays back the tape, it shows nothing happened. His body successfully fought off the infection. Or did it?

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