‘Teen Wolf’ Season Finale Leads to New Questions

The Teen Wolf season finale took place this week. While the episode answered some questions, it also led to many more.

At the end of last week, Scott’s friend Stiles was missing from the Lacrosse field and Jackson, the Kanima, was supposedly dead. This week’s episode started with Stiles getting thrown into the basement along with Derek’s missing omega wolves. The kidnapper, Gerard, proceeded to beat the teen to a pulp to teach Scott a lesson.

Elsewhere the sheriff is trying to do his job while worrying about his son and Scott who can’t figure out how someone managed to kill Jackson. When Derek and his Peter arrive to talk with him about killing the Kanima, he tells them it’s already dead. But is it?

Gerard and Allison plot behind her father’s back. Argent is none too happy about it. He feels his father is leading his daughter down a dark path.

Back at the hospital, Scott’s mom takes a peek at Jackson’s body; trying to figure out what he is. What she finds when she opens his body bad, however, is frightening. The supposedly dead Kanima’s covered in a strange gel. As she watches, it moves. He’s not dead after all.

Stiles shows up at home with his face beat up and tells his dad that members of the other Lacrosse team are responsible. He’s afraid to tell him the truth.

After Scott tells Derek about the Kanima, Peter goes for his laptop, hoping it can tell him what the creƤture is becoming. What he sees scares both him and Derek. They vow to stop Jackson’s newest transformation.

Lydia goes to check on Stiles and asks for his help to save Jackson. He declines at firs. He wants her for himself but knows she’s still in love with her old boyfriend.

Argent goes to the basement to seemingly tease Derek’s pack. Instead, he reduces the electric current that’s keeping them from escaping. Then he heads off to meet with Scott. He arrives just as Scott and Isaac try to get Jackson’s body out of the morgue and to Derek and Peter. He helps them, going against his father’s wants.

The group meets in an abandoned place and watch as Jackson begins to turn into something new. Derek decides to kill him before the transformation is complete. However, when he opens the body bag, Jackson throws Derek across the room and begins threatening the others.

That’s when Gerard arrives. Scott knows his plan. It’s one he must agree with to protect Allison. He grabs the alpha wolf while his defenses are down from the Kanima’s venom.

Allison shoots Isaac with an arrow and starts to shoot Derek as well. That’s when Gerard has the Kanima stop her. He has other plans for the alpha wolf.

Gerard wants Derek to bite him so he can become the alpha after offing Derek. It looks like the plan will work when he places his arm in Derek’s mouth and receives the bite. However, he didn’t count on Scott having a plan of his own. Scott replaced Gerard’s medication with white ash, negating the wolf bite. Instead, Allison’s grandfather begins to die.

The wolves join forces against Jackson, finally failing him with a lethal blow from the front by Derek and the back by Peter. But he’s not dead. He starts to attack and kill them as per Gerard’s dying orders.

That’s when Stiles and Lydia arrive, driving his car straight into the Kanima. Lydia gets out and shows him the key he gave her. She returns it and calls him by his name. The Kanima backs off, showing a partial human boy who still loves his old girlfriend.

Jackson seemingly drops dead from his injuries. As Lydia grieves, however, he arises this time all wolf. The Kanima is gone. So is Gerard.

Allison tells Scott she’s breaking up with him. He tells her it’s okay. He understands. He knows she’ll come back to him some day.

Meanwhile, Derek’s pack tries to escape but run into a new pack. A new kind of trouble gets introduced in the Teen Wolf season finale.

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