‘Teen Wolf’ Season Two Uncovers A Different Kind of Shapeshifter

This week Teen Wolf Season two continued with Scott McCall, his pals and his enemies all having one goal in mind, to find the reptilian shapeshifter known as a Kanima. Alpha wolf Derek believes it is Jackson, the high schooler he tried to change to become a member of his pack. The change didn’t work, though. Jackson’s immune system fought off the so-called “gift”, leaving him totally human. Or did it?

Derek sends Erica to bring Jackson to him. Once there, he feeds the boy what he thinks is Jackson’s own venom. He’s expecting it to have no affect. When it surprisingly does, Derek assumes Jackson isn’t the Kanima after all. That leaves only one other candidate – Lydia.

Back in school, Scott and Stiles band together to protect Lydia after Jackson tells them what Derek has in store for her. They guard the girl through one class without problem. However, during science class a round robin experiment allows Isaac to gain access to her. He slips the venom into their project.

When the teacher tells them, if they completed the experiment, they can eat the crystal they made, Erica does just that; venom and all. Nothing happens, leading Derek to believe she’s the evil creƤture he’s seeking to kill. But is she?

Allison, Scott and Stiles try to figure out what to do to protect their friend. Scott agrees to talk with Derek, hoping to convince him he’s made a mistake. Meanwhile, Allison promises to translate her grandfather’s information about the beast. She’s successful, finding out that the Kanima operates much like a werewolf. It turns only at night. It’s a lonely soul, seeking acceptance, much the same as a teenager.

Scott heads off to talk with Derek to convince him of Lydia’s innocence. Unfortunately, the alpha wolf isn’t listening. He sends Erica and Isaac to get her. Luckily Jackson, Stiles and Allison got there before first. They hide her.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen before Jackson figures out that Lydia’s the only person left who could have altered the videotape he tried to make of his change. She still has a key to his house. Once he has her cornered, he accuses her and demands she return his house key. She does, amidst broken-hearted tears.

Those tears amazingly soften Jackson’s heart and he begins to kiss his former lover. Then something causes him physical pain and he jerks away from her and hides.

That’s about the same time Erica and Isaac decide to make their move on the hiding place. They assume Allison and Stiles will be easy pick in’s given that Scott hasn’t yet arrived to back them up.

However, Allison has a little surprise in store for Erica. The female wolf thinks she has her prey covered, catching the arrow Allison shoots from her crossbow. The problem is the poison wasn’t just on the arrow tip. It was on the arrow shaft as well. Erica’s paralyzed and unable to move, watching her prey slip away.

As loud sounds on the roof frighten Lydia, Scott finally arrives on the scene as well. He quickly takes care of Isaac and emerges from the house with Allison and Stiles in tow to face Derek and his wolf pack.

Something else also comes out of the shadows. It’s the Kanima. He throws Erica’s and Isaac’s bodies at Derek’s feet before slithering away.

Derek’s more certain than ever that Lydia is the Kanima. That is, until she also emerges from the house, in human form, demanding to know, “What the hell is going on?”

Scott realizes that Jackson is the Kanima, after all. But how was he affected by his own poison?

The answer is clear. He wasn’t. As Jackson slithers down the road, he sees a stopped car. Inside, he notes another Kanima. He’s not the only one in existence.

Teen Wolf Season Two continues next Monday night, 10:00 p.m. on MTV.

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