Teenage Girl Lies about Rape to Avoid Parents

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Rape was the reason why a 16-year-old girl was late coming home. She told authorities that two strangers attacked her by putting a cloth over her mouth, and took her to another site to be ravished.

The LA Times reported that the teenage girl from Santa Clarita, California told authorities that she was temporarily knocked out near the College of the Canyons by two strangers. She added that she was ravished elsewhere.

The authorities were on high alert the whole day on Tuesday, earlier this week, as they had warned local schools to be on a lookout.

On Wednesday night, the girl admitted to detectives that she had lied in order to avoid her parents. According to the police, the girl was late coming home and did not want to be in trouble with her legal guardians.

This is insane! This poor girl has to lie in order to avoid her parents. The police better investigate what kind of disciplinary acts occur at this home being legal guardians and all. Then again, this girl could just be another drama queen.

The police did not state whether charges will be brought upon the 16-year-old girl. This would all depend on the home life of this girl!

If she’s epically lying to avoid abuse, then she should not be charged, but if her parents are legit and are doing a great job at being parents and this girl lied so she won’t get her iPhone taken away, then charges should arise by all means.

Also, the scale of this girl’s lie of rape was very gutsy and idiotic at the same time!

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