Teenager Shot And Killed For Egging Car: May Not Have Even Been Involved!

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On Halloween night, a night we all know is not just for candy but all sorts of tricks and pranks, 17-year-old Tivarus Irving was shot and killed for egging someone’s car as he was running away in Atlanta, Georgia. The driver was apparently mad that the teenager had thrown eggs at his Mercedes (and certainly, who wouldn’t be a bit ticked about that?) so he fired 10 shots at the teen, who died on his way to Grady Memorial Hospital.

Since when does egging someone’s car justify murdering them? And how does that thought process go? You dirtied my car, so I’m going to fire 10 shots at you and hopefully kill you. Eggs can be easily cleaned off a car. It’s not so easy to bring someone back to life after you shoot them. True, the teen should not have been throwing eggs at anyone’s car regardless, but that doesn’t justify murder just the same.

The really messed up thing? Investigators aren’t sure that Irving is tied to the egging or not and they are currently investigating whether or not he was indeed the one who threw the eggs.

Witnesses say the shooter was a bald man, 19 to 24 years of age, and was last seen driving a gold, four-door Mercedes 190E with a red, temporary tag. A suspect has been detained and is currently being held for questioning.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about this incident is the buzz it has created in the general public and what some people are saying about the shooting. There are an alarming number of people who actually support the shooter’s decision saying the teen deserved to be shot because “you don’t mess with a man’s car” or because a car is such a large monetary investment.

Really? Last time this writer checked you could buy another car, but not another life. It wasn’t like the teenager had simply come up and started beating on the car. Egging, while not the most fun thing to experience, is indeed temporary. The disturbing part is that Americans seem to think it’s perfectly OK to shoot and kill someone who has egged your car. Apparently, that is the true value of human life.

What’s your take on this whole situation? Do you think the man had a right to shoot Irving, or that murder is murder?

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