Television Celebrates Halloween: Scary Enough to Frighten Zombies

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The best thing about Halloween might be having the excuse to eat lots of candy since calories don’t count during this holiday, but the second best thing is all the scary movies that will be airing on television.

Who doesn’t look forward to sitting in front of the television with a big bowl of popcorn and a friend’s hand to hold when the ghosts come? The TV networks know this and for the viewing pleasure of millions, lots of terrifying movies will be shown during the creepy month of October.

According to The Sierra Vista Herald, ABC Family will have 13 nights of scary movies starting on October 19. They’ll be airing films like The Mummy and Addams Family Values and Hocus Pocus. One programming highlight will be Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas on October 21.

Classic horror tales like Island of Lost Souls, from 1932, will be aired on Turner Classic. Every Wednesday the network will feature a different theme.

Forget Walking Dead and Hell on Wheels because American Movie Classics network will put those shows on hold from October 13 through October 31 as the station presents Fearfest. They’ll show movies like Friday the 13th and Land of the Dead.

SyFy Channel can always be depended on to scare the willies out of everyone. All during October, they’ll air their original series Warehouse 13 and Haven, and movies like The Amityville Horror, (both the 2005 and 1979 versions) and original movies like American Horror House.

The Chiller Channel will show their original movies Kidnapped and Dead Souls.

So grab the remote control, steal the candy-filled Trick or Treat bags from the kids, wrap a warm blanket around you, dim the lights, make sure you’re not alone in the house, and settle down in front of the television set. Halloween is sure to be scary this year with so much to watch.

And when going to sleep at night, make sure all hands and feet are under the blankets because there’s that Boogie Man just waiting under the bed.


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