I spend a lot of time watching television. I try to avoid weekly shows – I hate the thought of “missing” something on the days I can’t watch the show.

I watch the early morning news shows – especially ABC; I try to watch Jon Stewart and/or Stephen Colbert; Brothers and Sisters – in syndication (not the currently weekly show) nightly. It’s got a lot of good actors, and I find it very well acted.

I started to watch No Ordinary Family, two episodes, then the third episode seemed so similar, that I stopped. I like Oprah and Tyra shows – too bad this is the last year for Oprah and Tyra’s last year was the last season. I also enjoy Rachael Ray, though I turn it off before the cooking section as I rarely cook. I used to like Two and a Half Men – the early ones… don’t care as much for the recent shows.

For the first year, I’ve been watching Dancing with the Stars. Although I often go out on Mondays, I get to catch up on Tuesday.

I like Big Bang and Community – both on at the same time on Thursday – hate that!

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of History International, National Geographic, Discovery Science and Health channels: I love to learn about what they present.

What are your favorite shows??

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