Temeca Freeman Heats Up in Nearly Nude Photo Shoot

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Temeca Freeman is one of many up and coming stars of the “urban lingerie model” scene. ItÂ’s easy to see why Temeca has become so famous. LetÂ’s just say she has a Temeca Freemanpretty face, but thatÂ’s not her only or most recognized asset. FreemanÂ’s back side is whatÂ’s really differentiated her from some of the other urban lingerie models.

Temeca is becoming one of those rare finds and could possibly be on the verge of crossing over into more mainstream lingerie modeling.

Realistically, Freeman probably wonÂ’t be signed onto VictoriaÂ’s Secret, because her figure is drastically different from those skinny models. But chances are sheÂ’ll still do very well financially, thanks to her amazing body.

According to Temeca FreemanÂ’s Facebook page, she is a print model, an actress and a hostess. SheÂ’s already graced the cover of a few magazines such as Show magazine and Sweet magazine. If you are interested in following her on Twitter, just check out her official page.

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photo source: RapModels.com

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