Ten Olympians Perfect for ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Former Olympians have always done well on Dancing With the Stars. Apolo Anton Ohno, Shawn Johnson and Kristi Yamaguchi all took the mirrorball trophy home. So, who among the newest crop might be capable of doing the same? Take a look at those chosen by E!

Olympic swimming champion Ryan Lochte has already indicated he would love to do the show. No doubt his handsome face and stunning physique would make him popular with the women who tune in every week. ABC would be foolish not to cash in on this Olympian.

It would really be fun to see Ryan and Michael Phelps compete against each other once again; this time on the dance floor too. Who would come out on top though isn’t clear. The vote might go to Ryan’s natural wit and charm or it could go to Michael’s smooth ease? It’s hard to say but there’s little doubt it would be fun to watch.

If Phelps isn’t up for the challenge, how about Nathan Adrian? He’s got mad skills and he’s just fun to look at. Forget about his feet, his smile alone could win him the competition.

Any one of the Fab Five Olympic gymnasts would fit well into the show. No doubt Gabby Douglas would be the picture of elegance and grace. However, E! hit the nail on the head saying there’s something about McKayla Maroney that screams Dancing With the Stars.

Misty May-Treanor already had a turn at that mirrorball trophy. Therefore, it’s Kerri Walsh-Jenning’s turn to have a try. The spunky athlete might just surprise everyone and dance with natural grace and elegance.

Soccer star Alex Morgan is lovely and full of personality. She’d make a great addition to the dance competition. Plus, the young beauty’s already got a great fan base. No doubt the votes would come rolling in.

Tom Daley isn’t as well-known in the U.S., but he’s got scads of fans in the United Kingdom. The handsome young diver makes women swoon and that’s always a pre-requisite for men who do the show.

Missy Franklin gained a lot of Olympic attention with her serious skills and wonderful, bright attitude. She’d undoubtedly do the same thing on the dance floor. What she might lack in natural talent, she’d more than make up for in raw determination.

Lolo Jones got more press for being a virgin than she did for her Olympic skills. Maybe that’s because she didn’t medal as planned. Still, everyone has an off day. Give her chance to make up for the gaff by fighting for the mirrorball instead.

Usain Bolt is one of the names most well-known from this year’s Summer Games. The Jamaican hottie is the world’s fastest man. Those fast feet might just burn up the ballroom.

There you have it. Those are E!’s choices for the Olympians they’d most like to see in the ballroom. Do you have someone else in mind? If so, sound off below.

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