Ten Random Facts with Debora Geary

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Bestselling indie author Debora Geary scored three nominations in the first eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards. She was nominated for Best Short Story (Matchmakers 2.0), Best Chick Lit/Women’s Lit (A Modern Witch) and Best Anthology (for her editing work on Pink Snowbunnies in Hell).

 Upon hearing the news of her nominations, Debora happily agreed to participate in our Ten Random Facts…sort of…

 Learn more about Debora and her books at www.deborageary.com

Discover all of the nominees for the eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards at efestivalofwords.com 


1.  I am not a witch.  Hard to believe, I know.
2.  Aervyn is not my favorite character.  Close.  But Lizard stole my heart.
3.  I covet sea glass jewelry. 
4.  I spent grad school cleaning guppy tanks.
5.  I am Canadian (said in Molson guy voice).
6.  I lived in Italy for two years.  I love pasta and I have entire conversations only by waving my hands.
7.  I once lived for three years without chocolate.  It only scarred me a little.
8.  About half the books in the universe are too scary for me to read.
9.  I know.  That’s not ten.  I’m just not odd enough.


(we’ll let you slide, Debora. We did sort of ambush you with the news, after all!)

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