Ten Random Facts with M.C.A. Hogarth

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Author M.C.A. Hogarth received a boatload of nominations in the 2012 eFestival of Words best of the Independent eBook Awards, including Best Novel Format (Even the Wingless), Best Science Fiction (Spots the Space Marine), Best Short Story Format (Unspeakable), Best Villain (The Emperor of the Chatcavaan Empire in Even the Wingless), and The Harvey Award for the Book We Most Want to See as a Movie (Spots the Space Marine). She took a moment to give us some trivia for our ongoing Random Facts series. You can learn more about the author and her work at http://mcahogarth.org


1. My favorite color is red. I tend to paint things that are red, dark blue, and have lots and lots of yellow ocher. But I am entranced by any colors. Sometimes I stare outside brainlessly because the colors of the world are like eating truffles and I can’t stop doing it.

2. I love sushi. And chocolate. But not together.

3. I love smells. Good smells (incense, coffee, delicate and pure things, turpentine and tree sap, duff, distant actinic storms, etc) But I have a low tolerance for perfume. When I did massage therapy regularly I could tell the difference between pain and stress sweats, and normal sweats, on my clients.

4. I was born in New Orleans. Everyone seems surprised that this doesn’t please me more. The truth is that adult party towns aren’t great places to grow up.

5. My parents were political exiles/refugees and I am a first generation American. However, I don’t look like an immigrant or a minority, so everyone assumes I share the dominant American cultural heritage. One discovers that passing creates its own form of alienation.

6. I started doing my first paid art commissions when I was fourteen years old.

7. I love rays. Manta rays, sting rays, spotted rays, cownose rays… rays alone and rays in giant migratory groups and rays in aquariums for petting.

8. My favorite trees are redwoods.

9. My favorite time of year and holiday is Christmas. I will turn on the air conditioning so I can light a fire on the hearth for it.

10. I used to sing in an eight-section choir, as a second alto. I am not a talented musician, but I can follow a score, and my experiences singing in that choir remain among my most amazing.


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