Tenley and Kiptyn Supposedly Among the Group of Alums on ABC’s Upcoming Show “The Bachelor Pad”

The details about ABC’s pseudo-Bachelor spin-off, The Bachelor Pad, have been few and far between and, most recently, we heard about the addition of former (spurned) “contestant” Melissa Rycroft joining Chris Harrison as hosts of the show. From People Magazine:

“I’m excited.” Rycroft tells PEOPLE. “It’s fun. It’s a brand new experience for me. I’ve never been on that side but I’m anxious. I’m excited and ready to start.”

The show, which has already started filming, will feature an all-star reunion of “some of the most unforgettable contestants and suitors,” a release from the network promises, who will live together in the mansion as they compete in a series of challenges and dates for a chance at winning $250,000 — and a second chance at love.

I did a bit of digging and couldn’t find much reliable information yet but when has that stopped me from spouting off before? Apparently some guy who calls himself “Reality Steve” has named 11 of the people he has heard are participating in the Survivor/Bachelor/Big Brother-type series:

Kiptyn Locke

Wes Hayden

Natalie Getz

Dave Good

Jessie Sulidis

Tenley Molzahn

Nikki Kaapke

John Hardesty – Jillian’s season

Juan Barbieri

Gia Allemand

Mathue Johson – Jillian’s season

Since most seasons go by without any of us knowing these people’s last names, the only people I really recognize are Gia, Tenley, Kiptyn, and Wes. If Wes is definitely on the show, it’s a brilliant move on ABC’s part, as everyone knows reality TV show watchers love a good villain (read: arrogant douchebag).

Another blog goes on to say that Kiptyn and Tenley have been seen hanging out about town, and are possibly even dating, although apparently Kiptyn has called them “just friends.” Sure, sure, we’ve heard that ol’ saying before.

As unoriginal as this sounds, with ABC combining all the elements of shows that have been done before, I’m sad to admit that I’m sure I’ll watch. I love a good trainwreck. The show will premiere after just after this season of The Bachelorette ends on August 9 at 8 P ET/PT.

Here’s a photo of Kiptyn and Tenley together that I found on a Facebook site dedicated to getting these 2 crazy kids together. Seriously, people, get a life! (Oh, wait…):



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