Tenley Molzahn Sends Message to ABC Producers That She Wants a Spot on “Dancing With the Stars”

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If you’re like me, you were a bit shocked that producers didn’t choose Tenley as the next Bachelorette instead of Ali, although my guess is that people just found her a bit too goodie-goodie.  Most of the girls on the show joked that she seemed like a Disney character, and her helium voice didn’t help much.  Tenley’s segment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show is in the can (although it airs today), and apparently she was still talking about how she didn’t understand the lack of connection that Jake referred to on the show.  In all seriousness, I think this girl is a virtual saint, but I wish she would stop dwelling on the past and move on.  Here is what Us Magazine is reporting on her stint on Ellen:

“I don’t know what he was talking about,” Molzahn, 25, says on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Wednesday. “He even told me we had such an incredible connection. When he kissed me, he felt like he was riding on a treadmill. There were so many moments that you didn’t even see that were so magical and alive and exciting and fun. I don’t know – we kissed a lot. I love kissing.”

She did manage a bit of a dig about Jake going straight for the sexual side of things:

“I’m a very playful person and I don’t know that Jake got to see me in all those moments because it was so important to me that I could challenge him and take him to that emotional level and build that emotional foundation first,” she says. “But we saw that Jake likes that physical level taken care of first … so it’s ok.”

The most interesting thing she had to say, and actually plausible when you think about it, is that she’d like to step in on Dancing With the Stars in case of injury.  As Bachelor fans recall, Melissa Rycroft, who was ditched by Bachelor Jason Mesnick after he realized he wanted the runner-up, did that very thing last year.  She’s since had the ultimate revenge, as she not only had a very successful run on the show, but she was tapped the other night to make the highly anticipated announcement of this season’s participants with host Tom Bergeron.  This would certainly be sweet revenge for Tenley, as she might not be a sexy temptress, but she’d definitely dance circles around Jake Pavelka.

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