Tentative Alcoa Agreement Brings United Steelworkers a Tentative Sigh of Relief

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The United Steelworkers are breathing a tentative sigh of relief since they were able to reach a tentative agreement with Alcoa. The negotiations have been occurring since May 17, 2010 and have reached an agreement that addresses the employees key concerns as well as the cost concerns of Alcoa. This agreement also brings the ability for future positions to be offered at Alcoa that offer good wages.

For 300 workers families this tentative agreement is wonderful news as they will not be out of work for any length of time. In an economy that has been through so much already, these families can rest with the knowledge there is at least a tentative a greement protecting their jobs.

But there is a fear of what will be happening in the future lingering as Alcoa is looking at eliminating medical benefits for retirees and defined-benefit pension plans and reducing the overtime pay as a way to cut costs and stay productive in this economy. This is certainly an issue that is not exclusive to Alcoa as businesses are looking everywhere in their budgets for expenses they can cut to remain competitive or to postpone closing their doors.

Many families are going to be looking at their budgets much more closely to determine if they too need to eliminate unnecessary expenses. Luckily for these 300 families they will not have to do as many drastic cuts at this time.

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