Teresa and Joe Giudice Turning Joe Gorga’s Parents Against Him

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Melissa Gorga is saying that Teresa and Joe Giudice are trying to turn Joe Gorga’s parents against him. Those who watched the infamous christening episode saw that Teresa and Joe’s parents were certainly on her side no matter what. Unfortunately, the parents do not get to see everything that happens between the two tortured siblings.

When talking about how Joe Gorga feels about the situation, Melissa remarked, “He does feel like they (Teresa and Joe) constantly try to turn his parents against him and they constantly complain to his parents about us.”

Teresa and Joe Giudice have become the new “Danielles” of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. All the drama that goes down involves one or both of them. Both are super sensitive and self-involved. If both of them would take a step back and realize that the world does not revolve around them, then perhaps the family would be able to get back to being kind and living.

Joe and Teresa seem very jealous of Joe and Melissa and everyone knows what happens when jealousy gets out of control.

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