Teresa Giudice Allegedly Received $6,500 For ‘In Touch’ Apology

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Teresa Giudice has been accused of selling stories to tabloids about her family and co-stars in the past and now, Andy Cohen is joining in on the drama. During the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, Andy made waves when he claimed that Teresa got paid $6,500 for her apologies to cast members which were featured by In Touch Magazine.

“The Huffington Post quoted an In Touch editor who said that you were paid $6,500 for this cover, to apologize to the women,” Andy declared, to which Teresa replied, “I wish I was, I want them to prove it to me. Who did they speak to?”

Andy didn’t know the specific name of the person but given his position, its doubtful that he would bring up something that wasn’t legit. Plus, it only makes sense that she would be paid for her writings especially since she gets paid for just pictures. Does it really make sense that she would have shared the apologies in a magazine if she wasn’t getting paid?

All Teresa could say was, “I would like to confront them.” Teresa surely wasn’t expecting Andy, of all people, to blow her spot. Surely her co-stars would love to have found out such juicy information, but it they had, it would be less believable since none of them are fans of Teresa. Andy, on the other hand, is a neutral party.

If Teresa was paid for the apologies, she should just own up to it. It’s not like any of her co-stars took them seriously anyways? How sincere can an apology be if it’s printed in a magazine for the world to see?

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