Teresa Giudice: Can Relationship with Joe Gorga Be Fixed?

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Teresa Giudice’s relationship with her brother, Joe Gorga is a complete wreck. Proving that reality television has a way of ruining relationships that may have already been on the rocks, many may wonder if Teresa and Joe will ever make amends.

When pressed about his relationship with his sister, Joe was quick to point fingers. “I’ve been hurt so bad, it’s tough. I didn’t just lose my sister, I lost my parents,” claims Gorga.

The thing is, with all of the drama playing out in front of the cameras, how on earth can Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga ever reconcile their differences. Talk about a mess.

Of course, Teresa disagrees with Joe’s position on their relationship woes. A teary-eyed Giudice tried to tell her brother not to worry about it saying, “Be happy, I love your kids and that’s it.”

Is it really fair for Teresa to not take any responsibility in the family chemistry gone bad? Is loving her brother’s kids enough to help repair deep family wounds? Would anyone actually care if these family problems and dirty laundry weren’t aired for everyone to see on a reality TV show like ‘Real Housewives?’

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