Teresa Giudice Claims Kathy Wakile Didn’t Want Sister Rosie Around Her Children

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Teresa Giudice is it at again—another day, another ridiculous accusation. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star’s most recent accusation is against her cousin, Kathy Wakile, who Teresa claims to be some sort of homophobe.

In a recent interview, Teresa was asked about Rosie Pierre’s presence at the reunion, to which she replied, “I never thought Rosie was gonna be at the reunion show; I’ve done nothing to Rosie. I have always love, love, loved Rosie.”

However, Teresa claims that Rosie’s sister, Kathy, wasn’t always a fan of Rosie. In fact, Teresa is alleging that Kathy used to be disgusted by the fact that Rosie is gay and wouldn’t even allow her around her own family.

“Every time I was with Kathy and I would always say to her invite your sister. Kathy never wanted to invite her before. They never got along,” Teresa says. “Now all of a sudden—they’re all best friends.”

Kathy and Rosie both admit to having their difficulties at time, as all families do. However, Kathy was always accepting of Rosie, regardless of her sexuality, and even Rosie has verified that.

Teresa adds, “I’m just sayin’. Kathy didn’t want her sister around her kids because she was gay and because she had a girlfriend at the time.”

Teresa Giudice seems to have some sort of uncontrollable urge to make everyone hate her. She’s really crossed the line in so many ways when it comes to her family; not that other cast members have been perfect, but she takes everything to a new low.

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