Teresa Giudice Details Cheating Suspicions of Jacqueline Laurita’s Husband

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Teresa Giudice doesn’t lose a fight easily and she’s not backing down on her claims that Jacqueline Laurita’s husband — Chris — cheated on her. The two women fought over the subject on last Sunday’s second episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion special. Jacqueline began alleging Teresa and Joe Giudice have bad fights and calling each other names when she felt her marriage was being attacked. She denied ever telling Teresa that Chris cheated on her.

Teresa said this when asked if Jacqueline ever told her Chris cheated on her:

“Yes. She did. Chris was never allowed to go out with my husband unless they played poker at each other’s houses. I think they might have went out once the whole time I was friends with Jacqueline and I remember Joe telling me Jacqueline wouldn’t stop calling Chris. The only thing Chris is allowed to do is play cards.”

Teresa Giudice goes on to say that she’s not “one to talk about other people’s marriages,” but she’s not going to allow Jacqueline to bash her marriage on Twitter. She claims Jacqueline keeps Chris on a “tight leash” while she and her husband trust each other.

How trustworthy are all the husbands on Real Housewives? Lately everyone on the show is accusing each other of cheating. Is there any truth to it or are all the women miscommunicating that badly amongst each other?

The upcoming episode this Sunday night of Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion will have tons of drama. Check out the details in this article!

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