Teresa Giudice Doesn’t Think Caroline Should Judge Her

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice feels judged by many of her costars after the cookbook was released with many comments about the other women and their children. While she included the other women in the cookbook in good humor according to her, the other women were insulted or offended. When they tried to communicate to Teresa that they were hurt, she just shrugged it off. She wasn’t about to apologize for her cookbook.

How much is Teresa Giudice worth? Is she bankrupt?Well, the decision to not apologize has caused a rift between the women and Caroline has made a decision to cut out Teresa from her life. But Teresa doesn’t think that Caroline should be so quick to judge her based on the cookbook comments. In all fairness, Teresa Giudice only repeated things that people already knew about the other housewives. “Of all people, I don’t understand why Caroline’s so quick to judge because she’s been through this. She has years of issues with many of her own siblings, and if you saw the Season 3 reunion, you know how sensitive she is to anyone even hinting about it,” Teresa explains.

It sounds like none of the women from The Real Housewives of New Jersey are taking Teresa’s side and they all feel she has a right to judge Teresa’s decision not to apologize. But she does have a point about Caroline, given Caroline doesn’t talk to some of her siblings. But one has to wonder if the proper person has issued an apology in those situations.

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