Teresa Giudice Explains Her ‘In Touch’ Article

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Teresa Giudice was the topic of debate on Sunday night’s new Real Housewives of New Jersey. When the cast got their hands on an article she did with In Touch Weekly, tensions rose to an all time high.

Among the things included in the article were claims that Caroline Manzo bullied her family because they weren’t as rich. Teresa also claimed that her cousin, Kathy Wakile, had been questioning her about finances and her frequent trips to the mall.

Now, Teresa is taking to her Bravo blog to explain herself. “I didn’t put it out. Yes, for that one I posed for the photos rather than have random street shots of me used. During the shoot they asked me some questions, and I answered them. I didn’t say anything bad about anyone.” So, what was meant to be a photo shoot apparently turned into a full article. She also adds, “They wanted me to say something mean or crazy, but I didn’t.”

Teresa also goes on to say that may of the quotes used in the article were not even things she said! She claims the editors added them in themselves. “What’s crazy is that Caroline acts like it is from me. As if I’m some master magazine publisher who puts these stories out.”

Continuing to take no responsibility whatsoever for what is being written, Teresa says, “I can’t control what’s on the cover or when, and I usually hate what they say.” Although she hates what they write about her and accuses the magazines of misquoting her, she continues to do them regularly. It would be one thing if she was appearing in magazines to financially support her family, but she’s not. “I do say no A LOT. I’m busy, it’s not a lot of money, and I don’t need it.”

Why don’t the rest of the ladies take part in the fun business of getting misquoted in magazines for a small paycheck? Teresa explains, “Jacqueline and Caroline aren’t on the covers of magazines every week presumably because it wouldn’t make the magazine sell. They aren’t missing from the magazines because they take some high road and say no. They aren’t wanted.” Ouch!

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