Teresa Giudice Finally Tells the Truth About Her Marriage to Joe!

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Teresa Giudice finally tells the truth about what will happen to her marriage after Christmas. Rumors have circulated recently that Joe and Teresa were planning to divorce after the holidays sparing their little girls the heartbreak at Christmas time. Of course, Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa needs the publicity in order to make money to keep her family fed. Fans of the Bravo reality show know that she is the bread winner in the family, and Joe is a hot mess who nearly ended up in jail.

According to Reality Tea, at a recent NephCure fundraiser, Teresa set the record straight. She plans to stay with her husband Joe and reports there is no plan to divorce after the holidays.

She went on to state, “Joe’s here with me. Everything’s great. I’m not a fake person, so if we weren’t together, then I wouldn’t be with him right now.”

Many fans of RHONJ would beg to differ with her statement about being fake, but her divorce status? Who knows. She is the center of bitter battles on the show and is frequently called a fake or back stabber. Without a divorce rumor, the tabloids would not want to talk to her, right?

One thing Teresa Giudice has going for her is, she is no dummy. Exploiting her family for money is always her first priority. After all, mama has to bring home the bacon!

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