Teresa Giudice Has Sex in a Vineyard Following Joe’s Insults!?

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Teresa Giudice caught her husband, Joe Giuidce, on the phone with another woman on last weekend’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey and on last night’s episode, she’s already forgiven him—in a real big, inappropriate way.

Completely ignoring the fact that her husband just called her a c**t and a b***h, Teresa pulls Joe aside and proceeds to make out with him and even proposition him in the middle of a Napa vineyard where she and her co-stars were celebrating Caroline’s birthday.

“It makes sense, because Caroline was the focus and Teresa needed attention on herself so why not have sex in the grapes?” asked Jacqueline Laurita. And not only that! Teresa needed to get the attention away from the fact that Joe was just on the phone with his ‘baby’ for all her fans to see.

Since Joe was caught in such a scandal, Teresa clearly knew she’d have to do something big to get the attention on something more positive—such as her and her husband’s passionate love for each other! She’s a smart cookie.

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