Teresa Giudice: ‘I Am Loyal To Melissa Gorga’

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Teresa Giudice is very outspoken, and often times, shocking so it may not all that surprising to fans of Real Housewives of New Jersey that she has recently announced her loyalty to her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga.

Teresa and Melissa had been feuding for years and on the latest episode, Teresa appeared to have had set up Melissa by arranging for her alleged boss to announce to cameras that Melissa had once danced for him. Although Teresa denies claims, saying that she’s always been loyal may be a far fetch.

While Teresa may have come off bad during recent episodes, she’s turning the table on her sister-in-law. Teresa states, “She may not have any family loyalty toward me, but I have it toward her and I always will.” If they don’t get along, then that’s fine, but to claim loyalty after fans have watched her badmouthing Melissa for years is just ridiculous. Sure, Melissa is far from innocent, but she’s also not telling the world of her loyalty.

These two just can’t seem to get along, so they should both stop acting like they want to. Would it be so bad for Teresa and Melissa to just admit to not liking each other and move on?

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