Teresa Giudice Ignores Her Sick Father

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Teresa Giudice wishes she was known for her role on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but it appears her name tends to pop up in contexts that are not necessarily positive.

Star Magazine reports that Teresa is now ignoring her very sick father in favor of taking care of her personal finances. The magazine reports that her father is sick and the tensions and drama associated with his family troubles being shown on national television is enough to make 67-year-old Giacinto Gorga ill. His existing heart condition is one thing, but watching his family drama on television is adding an additional load of stress.

So where is Teresa Giudice? Not by her father’s side. She is too busy taking care of her four daughters and fixing her family’s financial issues. While the entire family is concerned about his health and time left with them, Teresa is not present in the family. She is too busy making money. And rumors state that she will do anything for money.

Teresa Giudice’s name is not foreign to the media. First, her name was in the news because of her husband’s financial troubles, filing bankruptcy last year. This year, her name appeared in the media as her brother and sister-in-law joined the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, making the show much more dramatic and tension-filled.

Following this The Real Housewives of New Jersey update, Teresa Giudice’s husband managed to get her name in the papers once again because he committed fraud and used his brother’s identity. Is Teresa trying to start a whole new life?

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