Teresa Giudice Says Kathy Wilke Not ‘Housewives’ Material and Continues to Slam Everyone Else

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Teresa Giudice’s feuds with Melissa Gorga, Kathy Wilke and Caroline Manzo of The Real Housewives of New Jersey are probably going to get even worse. In a new interview with The Daily Beast, the fiery table-flipping Housewife managed to slam all three.

She maintains that her sister-in-law and cousin went on the show simply to become famous themselves and steal her thunder. “I mean, here you have my sister-in-law and cousin that came on the show behind my back. [Melissa] came on the show with a very strategic, very calculated, very planned-out agenda. She’s playing it really cool. It’s sick!” she said.

When asked if perhaps her act of throwing out the cookies that Melissa Gorga brought over for Christmas one year helped get things off on the wrong foot between the two on the show, she’s still not apologetic. “Okay, she came over for Christmas, she brought sprinkle cookies. We’re an Italian family! We don’t do sprinkle cookies! What’s wrong with her? She’s been around the family long enough to know what to bring. She’s playing that kind of role, like, “Oh, yeah, my shit don’t stink,” so then, bring the right dessert to someone’s house!” she yelled.

As to her cousin Kathy Wilke, the fact that she lives in a house and leads a lifestyle that she can afford, unlike her and Joe Giudice before their bankruptcy, means that she’s not really fit for the show. Teresa Giudice said that she was really surprised when her cousin got on the show since she “didn’t fit the Housewife criteria.”

“I mean, her house is not, you know… [The producers] were looking for big homes and Kathy’s house is very small. You had to live in a big home, you had to have an extravagant lifestyle, let’s put it that way. I used to be like, ‘Really? Who would even want you?’ I used to think to myself like that. It was so funny to me,” she said when prompted for an explanation.

In regards to Caroline Manzo not appreciating her questioning her Italian-ness in her second cookbook, she thinks that she’s overreacting since “if [she] didn’t like her, [she] would’ve never put her in my book.”

The only Housewife that Teresa Giudice doesn’t manage to offend directly is Jacqueline Laurita, although she does say that she hopes God will protect her from all the evil people on the show. Hopefully, she’s already used to the fact that her continued time on The Real Housewives of New Jersey will be fraught with drama and hatred rather than friendships and love because there’s really no turning back after this interview.

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