Teresa Giudice Speaks Out on Feud and Rumors

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Teresa Giudice is fed up and finally speaking out about the rumors, the controversy surrounding her cookbook jokes and Caroline Manzo.

There’s no doubt Teresa has taken a beating this week in the press, doled out mainly by Caroline Manzo in the many interviews she’s taken the time to sit down for this week. Up until now, Teresa has been unusually quiet about the controversy surrounding her feud with Caroline Manzo over some comments Teresa made in her latest cookbook, Fabulicious. Instead of fighting back in a tit-for-tat on Facebook, Twitter or in the press, Teresa lays it all out in her latest Bravo blog entry.

According to Teresa, Caroline was just looking for a reason to be mad at her and she can’t believe Caroline is “pretending to be hurt” over the jokes Teresa Giudice made about her in the book since the jokes first came about during an appearance the two made on the Rachael Ray Show. Teresa doesn’t say as much, but it seems as if she makes a good case for why Caroline Manzo is a hypocrite. Teresa says, “This whole season has been such a crazy mind game. I feel like I’m playing “Opposite Day” with Milania… and she’s five! Caroline and her family not only make fun of my book, they pass judgment on my legal issues, my family problems, the way I raise my kids…” Teresa goes on to say that Caroline is doing the exact thing she accuses Teresa of doing with Kathy…blowing a comment made about her own children out of proportion.

Teresa Giudice sees Caroline’s smear campaign against her as the Manzos (and their fans) trying to bring her down. Teresa says, “By pretending to be all upset about my book and then bashing my book, they are purposefully trying to hurt my family’s income and my career. Imagine if I started bashing The Brownstone or blk water or ‘On Display’ and sent my fans to trash it everywhere? But I would never do that because that is pure evil.”

Whether this whole feud is a publicity stunt by all of the cast members or just Caroline alone, it may backfire. With Bravo cleaning house on the set of The Real Housewives of New York recently, this cast of characters may want to tone it down before they too find themselves being handed a pink slip.

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