Teresa Giudice Won’t Leave Joe, Despite Her Claims

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Teresa Giudice recently made the cover of In Touch Weekly yet again. However, this time it wasn’t to bash her co-stars—it was to claim that she and Joe were headed for a split. Teresa told the mag that Joe humiliated and hurt her on a recent episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey and if he doesn’t clean up his act, she says she’s giving him the boot.

Now, a source is speaking out, claiming that Teresa is lying and would never leave her husband, regardless of his actions. “Teresa will never, ever leave Joe. She adores him and will always make excuses for his behavior,” a friend of Teresa told Huffington Post. “He was caught on tape talking with a mystery woman, calling his wife a ‘bitch’ and a ‘c***’ and she chose not to see the red flag. Even if she caught him naked with another woman, she would believe that the wind blew both of their clothes off!”

Teresa does seem to be in some serious denial when it comes to her marriage. Most wives would be horrified to find their husband chatting with another woman who refers to him as her ‘baby.’ In fact, many women wouldn’t put up with such behavior. Teresa has even made excuses for Joe’s harsh words for her own family, just brushing it off. To her, nothing is off limits, and no matter how far Joe takes things, Teresa is there claiming he’s ‘just joking’ and telling people to not take everything so seriously.

To add to that, Teresa herself claimed just days after the episode aired that everything was completely fine and the whole thing was blown out of proportion. So which is it, Tre? Are things fine or are you upset at your husband? It’s very ironic that she can’t seem to admit that problems exist—except when it comes to a magazine cover.

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