Teresa Giudice Would Leave Joe if He Cheated

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Teresa Giudice keeps defending her husband in the media, even though he isn’t coming across as the husband of the year on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. A few episodes ago, he told her that he would leave her if she continued to talk about her brother Joe Gorga, because he is tired of arguing about the same things. Teresa came across looking like the victim, as if she had nothing to say or do in the matter.

In addition, Teresa has to deal with her husband’s legal problems and rumors of an affair. But fans of Teresa will be happy to learn that she would leave her husband in a heartbeat if it came out that he had indeed cheated. “I could never be with a cheater. That’s disgusting. And I’m sure it would be the same for him with me,” Teresa Giudice tells Life & Style magazine. It sounds like she wants fans to know that she isn’t about to be a doormat for a dominating husband.

How much is Teresa Giudice worth? Is she bankrupt?

And the rumors in the press are not enough to convince Teresa that Joe is having an affair. “Give me proof! I would want to see a sex video! I’d be like, ‘Bring it on, baby, let’s see it!” she explains. Since no women have come forward, claiming that they had slept with Joe, Teresa is calm. It sounds like Teresa is willing to work through the rumors, just as she stood by his side during the bankruptcy issues and now Joe’s legal issues.

Do you think Joe has cheated on Teresa?

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