Teresa Giudice’s Husband Upset with Bravo and Can’t Forgive the Gorgas for Betrayal

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Teresa Giudice keeps defending her husband in the headlines, but a few weeks ago on Real Housewives of New Jersey, fans saw just how Joe Giudice speaks to his wife when he isn’t happy. It sounds like verbal abuse, as he is telling her to shut up and threatening to leave her if she forgave her brother for what he has supposedly done. Joe just wants to move on from the drama, even if it means isolating his wife from her brother and his family.

Well, according to a new report, it is the Bravo show that is causing him to have these random outbursts. He has never done the confessional interviews that are often shown in between scenes, and he often just looks like an angry man while filming. In fact, he drinks and talks about all of his legal problems when he is filming. He doesn’t care. Well, a source claims that it is Bravo’s fault.

Joe and Teresa Giudice Relax in Mexico

“Joe’s behavior is off the wall due to all the TV pressure and family drama,” a source has shared. “Joe doesn’t like drama and never starts problems. He is quick to forgive and move on. Joe is not a mean person. His anger and frustration are a result of the show.” So, if the anger is just because of the show and that he is just having a hard time, then perhaps Teresa Giudice is right about her husband. Yet, the source also reveals that Joe is angry with Joe Gorga and his family for joining the show behind his back. “[Joe] cannot stand all the back and forth, and he cannot forgive Joey and Melissa [Gorga] for joining the show. Bravo wanted new cast members who would go up against Teresa and her own brother, and sister-in-law sold her out,” the source continues. It sounds like Joe isn’t too quick to forgive this one.

Should he even be holding a grudge? Ever since Melissa has joined the show, the Giudices’ secrets have been leaked on the show, including legal troubles, tensions in the marriage, and Gia’s breakdowns. Are you surprised Joe is so angry?

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