Teri Hatcher’s Swimsuit Photos Steam Up the Net

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Teri Hatcher’s latest swimsuit photos are steaming up the Internet! Wearing a black swimsuit, Teri Hatcher had a few flattering photos taken of herself jumping into a pool.

The Post Chronicle states that Teri Hatcher was in her swimsuit preparing for the Malibu Triathlon which is set to take place on Sunday. Teri will be taking on the swimming segment of the triathlon while Bob Iger and Julie Bowen will be tackling the other two segments.

Huffington Post reports that Teri Hatcher’s swimsuit photos were taken to show support for the charity she is swimming for and especially for one special little girl. The charity Hatcher is raising money for via her triathlon is the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. On Teri’s abdomen was a sign which read, “SOPHIA: THIS ONES FOR YOU!!!!” in honor of a little girl who is currently a patient at the hospital.

National Ledger wrote that Sophia is a 2-year-old girl who was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and another disease which has caused her to go blind. Teri Hatcher received a letter from the girl’s father.

Teri Hatcher’s swimsuit photos look amazing and hopefully Teri will do an excellent job during the triathlon. To donate to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, go to http://bit.ly/9xZZuH. It’s wonderful of Hatcher to donate her time and energy to such the hospital. Few celebrities will donate their time, most just donate their money but all forms of donations are highly appreciated.



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photo credit: Teri Hatcher’s Facebook

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