‘Terminator’ to Star Paul Walker Without Arnold Schwarzenegger? Affair, Love Child to Blame

The new Terminator movie might star Paul Walker with a little bit of Arnold Schwarzenegger because of all the drama surrounding Schwarzenegger’s affair and love child. Well, that’s what happens when one wrecks their marriage of 25 years by banging the maid, no one is left to clean up the mess.

The latest story to come out about the new Terminator movie is that under the instructions of Megan Ellison, the owner of the Terminator franchise, Justin Lin will move forward to direct the movie with just a small role for Schwarzenegger. Paul Walker is rumored to be in talks for one of the male leads, potentially Kyle Reese (father of John Connor).

Many Terminator fans feel that another movie just wouldn’t be the same without Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hopefully, just a little bit of him will satisfy them. If only Schwarzenegger had been satisfied with his family then he wouldn’t be in the mess he is in now.

Anyway, the new Terminator movie should still be excellent especially if they do snag Paul Walker. There is sure to be a nice amount of hotness on set if Walker is around.

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